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Give A Toss Today

I love Pancake Day, it always makes me feel like a child again and brings a smile on my face. The smell of freshly baked pancakes in the morning is possibly one of my favourite reasons to come out of bed on a cold February week day. Of course there is the little matter of American pancakes v Crêpes. I have always preferred Crêpes but sometimes nothing can beat a super fluffy American pancake with maple syrup and smoked, crispy streaky bacon. If you are still undecided on which recipe to try on Pancake day, why not opt for something unusual, something you have not tried before. Here are few of my favourites to inspire you:

Savory Crêpes

1. Ham & Gruyère Buckwheat Crêpe (Galette Complète)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 22.34.06You like your eggs sunny side up? This is just an irresistible classic that is so easy to make and right up your street. Find full recipe here

2. Basic Crêpes with Ham, Swiss and Asparagus

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 22.39.49

I love to try different pancake toppings. It rarely changes my favourite personal choice but just one look at these and you know it is a balanced breakfast…just add black coffee! You can find the full recipe here

3. Herb Crêpes with Eggs, Swiss, Ham and Browned Butter


If you can’t decide between pancakes and eggs for breakfast your time is better spent having both with this breakfast twist recipe for savory crêpes. Now, that’s a problem solved! You can find the full recipe here

Sweet Crêpes

4. Red Velvet Crêpes with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling

red velvet

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking OMG! Well, these are not only super yummy but also only 300 calories! You can thank me later. You can find the full recipe here and try those guilt free crepes for yourself. Be nice, try to share …

5. Dark chocolate crêpes with strawberry yogurt

525d41ad6cbb3a82920951eafea0cc04There is an unwritten rule that chocolate can be added to anything at any time and it always makes it better! OK, maybe this is not really a rule, maybe I just made it up but one thing is for sure – it works with crêpes! Simply divine. You can find the full recipe here

6. Apple cinnamon crepes, or apple pie – in a crêpes!


The best of America wrapped in the best of France. Say no more! Full recipe here

7. Buckwheat Pancakes with vegan option


In my quest for healthy living with healthy food I always try to find a good recipe for either a vegan or gluten free option of some of my fave deserts. This one will not disappoint. Get the full recipe here

For all of you American pancake lovers, why not try one of these: 

8. Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes


This is a good alternative to the classic lemon and sugar crêpes . The lemon zest and the texture of the poppy seeds makes these a fluffy and fresh, perfect for the morning. You can find the full recipe here

Carrot Cake Pancakes


I am a sucker for a good carrot cake so when I saw this recipe I thought why not. It does not replace the real thing but it is fun and different. Try the recipe here

10. Old Fashioned Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes


There is something about apples, cinnamon and caramelised sugar that creates a perfect harmony. This surely has to be guilt free! Full recipe can be found here

11. Green Pancakes with Lime Butter


Not in the mood for sweet but in the mood for pancakes, this is the perfect recipe to get you going. Full recipe

And should you be in a more creative mood, go for it with these fun recipes

12. Nutella Mini Pancake Kebabs

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 23.33.14

Given you have the patience to make few dozen of these tiny little perfect pancakes you will certainly be a winner with these super fun pancake kebabs. Now that’s something you don’t hear every day, do you? Get the full recipe here, the patience is yours only

13. Rainbow Crepe Cake

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 23.37.05

Now, I admit, I have not done this and I am not planning to try this recipe anytime soon. But that’s not to say you should not give it a go. I just like how colourful it looks on my blog. If you do it, let me know if it turned out good. Full recipe here

14. Love Pancakes!

There really is no bigger proof than these, right?


For more pancakes ideas take a look around my Pancake Day Pinterest Board

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