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Adrenal Fatigue

I am usually really excited when I know I have a workout booked be that a pilates class, a PT, Hiit or Yoga. These are the days that I wake up buzzing and ready to go, excited I will be exercising. But there are also times when I don’t feel like working out at all. Still I usually push myself to go because I believe this to be lack of motivation and loosing my focus. The truth is most of the days I feel like this I am actually making a wrong assumption. I confuse tiredness and fatigue for lack of motivation. It made me think about how I approach my exercise routine and what I include in it. Pushing myself so hard is perhaps not the best approach. Planning a balanced workout routine that gives me time to rest and enjoy the benefits of the hard work on the mat or on the reformer or on the running machine #HateRunning is actually key to reaping the health benefits of physical exercise. With more and more people opting to workout in short but with high intensity bursts such as Hiit, 7Min workout etc. recovery becomes even more important. So much so that Recovery programs and Self Care workouts are creating a new wave of fitness trends. But before you reach out to type recovery programme in Google it is important to understand the risks of training when tired and learning to make a clear difference between being tired and being demotivated.

Here is a brilliant post from Personal Trainer and Kinectic Chain Coach Matt McElligott on Adrenal Fatigue

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