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Burpee Like A Boss And Feel Epic #496burpees

Get your burpee ON and join the Greatist’s 31-Day Burpee Challenge 

I am one of those people who looses focus if something is too easy. This is certainly true for my exercise. When I face something I am  not able to do very well it really spurs me into action.

The path to mastering something, be that a skill, routine, fitness challenge, diet challenge, is what  gets most of us buzzing and motivates us to do achieve the best we can. When I did my first burpee I hated it, it was an ‘OMG I hate this moment’ but then every time I did more and more burpees I was getting better at them and hated them less. I won’t go as far as to say I like them now but I have grown to like the benefits of this pretty awesome exercise.

So if you want to liven up the winter months while scoring plenty of fitness points why not set yourself a monthly challenge? You can start by joining the Greatist’s 31-Day Burpee Challenge 

there is definitely nothing simple about theburpee! This one exercise requires a squat, jump, push-up, another jump, squat, and one final explosive jump (phew!). As a result, no muscle is left behind.

…but just think about the results! And to be honest adding one burpee every day can’t be that bad, surely.

What you need to do: 

Step 1
Wake Up on March 1st, look in the mirror and accept the challenge

Step 2
Make sure you know how to do the exercise correctly. Here is a great tutorial on How to Do the Perfect Burpee 


Step 3
Start on March 1st by doing just one burpee

Step 4
Continue on March 2nd by adding one more burpee

…and then continue by adding one more each day until 31st March, when you can end the challenge by doing 31 burpees in one go. How awesome is that! The thoughtful people from Greatist have even provided a printable motivational calendar to keep you going! Oh the satisfaction of crossing each day as you go…

I am totally doing it! What’s #496burpees , not much … get your burpee ON

You can find more details on the challenge on the Greatist’s Page 

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