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Smart Fitness – Looking Beyond The FitBand

Whenever we mention fitness and technology the first product that comes to mind is a fitness band. But there is more to fitness and technology that sits outside wearables and can equally help improve our body fitness levels and support a healthy lifestyle. Here are 3 gadgets that aim to do exactly that.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 09.13.32

Smart Mat

This clever  mat is a great example of how fitness and technology team up to help not only learn but also improve and master. As Yoga has become the GoTo exercise for many it is only surprising that SmartMat has taken so long. So what is it?

SmartMat is just like any other yoga matt you roll up and carry but just a little but smarter. It ‘tracks, improve & perfect yoga practice by learning a user’s position and suggesting incremental improvements through their progression toward a Perfect Pose ™.’   All it takes is to dock a smartphone or tablet to the SmartMat and you have a personal yoga trainer at home.

Tellspec – Beam your health up 


Counting calories is one thing but actually knowing what’s in our food and having a clear picture of the good the bad and ugly of everything that reaches our stomachs before we reach out for it can really make a difference towards living a healthier life. Enter Tellspec

 ‘The world’s first handheld device able to scan food so consumers know more about the ingredients before they buy or eat the food.’

It promises to give consumers clear information about allergens, chemicals, nutrients and calories by analysing the chemical composition of foods. This is how it works:

The Tao Chair: The Invisible Gym in Your Living Room

This is one of those products that looks too good to be true and it almost goes against what getting off your ass and exercise stands for. This smart chair was unveiled this year at the CES 2015 and it claims to give users a full workout.


Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.56.39
The Tao Chair  is accompanied by a TAO mobile app to create an exercise routine using the chair alone or by connecting to other TAO fitness products like the TAO Wellshell.

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