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Meat Free Week: 23rd – 29th March

We live in such a consume, consume and consume some more world that we rarely stop and think what impact it has on what surrounds us and on ourselves. That’s why it is great to be reminded as often as possible to give some thought to our actions and this is exactly what Meat Free Week aims to do.

Meat Free Week is a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness of how much meat we’re eating and the impact eating too much has on human health, both individually and globally. It also highlights the negative effects over consumption of meat has on the welfare of animals and the environment.

Meat Free Week happens every year  in March and this year it starts March 23rd and runs till March 29th. This is not a week that tried to convert you or anyone to being vegetarian, it is most of all to raise awareness and education so that we can make more educated and therefore more responsible choices.

 How can you take part in Meat Free Week?

You pledge to give up all meat, including seafood, for seven days and raise money via sponsorship. This does not only include red meat (beef, lamb and pork), but all meat, including poultry, processed meat (like ham, bacon, salami and packaged sandwich meats), fish and seafood. Funds raised are donated to your choice of Beating Bowel Cancer, Compassion in World Farming and World Land Trust – as well as Meat Free Week. You can also donate by clicking here 

 Who is supporting?

The great things about Meat Free Week is that it has massive support amongst many famous chefs and many meat eaters too. Jamie Oliver, Raymond Blanc and Antonio Carluccio are just some of the long list of chefs joined by experts and businesses.

One week is not a long time without meet but it will really help raise awareness and help educate. You can at least spread the word by:

Like Meat Free Week on Facebook – Meat Free Week.

Follow Meat Free Week on Twitter @MeatFreeWeekOrg and if tweeting, remember to hashtag #meatfreeweek.

Follow Meat Free Week on Instagram @MeatFreeWeek and remember to use the hashtag #meatfreeweek.

I am joining Meat Free Week and I am really excited to be trying easy, fun and tasty vegetarian recipes.

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