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Meat Free Week – Day 2

Meat free week is not just about giving up meat for a week. It  is about education, finding more about where food comes from, how we consume it and what effects that has on the human body and the environment.

Eating too much meat for example has been proven to increase risks of certain diseases but it also has a potentially devastating impact on our natural resources and on top of this livestock and meat production have been identified as major contributors to climate change. (source

We have all heard ‘You are what you eat’ but not many are actually taking time to find out what exactly is wrong with the way we eat. This is not about becoming a vegan or vegetarian or being ‘perfect’. It is about recognising how what we eat impacts us and how we can make small changes which will have a significant effect on our personal health and will help alleviate  the pressure on natural resources.

Here is a great, fun TED talk by Mark Bittman who is a bestselling cookbook author, journalist and television personality.

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