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Meat Free Week – Day 3

Day 3 of meat free week is not too bad. So 2 days without meat or fish turns out to be more challenging for my mind than it is for my body. It is the small habits I build over time when I chose my breakfast or prepare food at home to take with me for lunch. I am also discovering that vegetarian options are often higher in calories or not necessarily better than the meat options. A lot of veg out there has cheese or even cheeses. I either have to opt in for a cold pasta salad or a cheese sandwich. The vegetarian wraps available on the market are just so tasteless. So the best options is to cook and prepare at home and carry with me which of course takes a lot more planning. So, today I decided to do a cooked breakfast. Safe to say an omelette is by far the speediest breakfast I can make. This particular one, peppers omelette on sourdough bread took me less than 10min and it is warm, filling and super yummy. I love parsley in an omelette as it makes it taste so fresh and herby, goes great with the peppers too.

Lunch time was a bit more challenging because I really could not be bothered with a cheese sandwich or with anything that has what I call ‘plastic bread’. As I was quickly eliminating many of the fast food chains I opted for sushi. Let me tell you, #meatfreeweek sushi is NO fun!  I should have known, it is sushi after all, the name implies that should you not only opt our of meat but also opt out of seafood, you are practically left with very few sushi options. Fact! Nevertheless I persevered and ordered the vegetarian platter and it was delicious. But couple of hours later I was hungry again.

My food experience was not getting any better as the day was nearing to an end. Eating cake because I can’t find anything to snack on and left the house unprepared is not a good way to approach #meatfreeweek. But I find that whereas before I would snack on some chicken or salmon, now that I can’t have that, I am substituting with cake and chocolate. The sugar is starting to make me sick so I am thinking that preparation is everything. But preparation takes time…

As a finale of day 3 I would wholeheartedly admit that hot dogs smell freaking delicious when one is not allowed to have them. Sad thing is that if I was able to have them I would have most certainly turned my nose and opt in for a salad. Ironic, I know

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