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May The 4th Be With You!

It is officially the unofficial Star Wars Day! And those of you who have already managed to re-watch all the films (yet again), hosted your own Star Wars Party, got your stormtrooper costume and cosplayed with your friends (with or without the help of alcohol) and you are stuck for ideas then why not show your sporty side and commemorate the day for …well not forever but for a long time with a pair if customised adidas ZFLUX trainers.

There is nothing better than a unique, one of a kind pair of trainers! Not just any trainers but Star Wars themed trainers! Such beauties can be yours by using the new #miZFLUX App by adidas Originals. Choose your image, and the trainers can be yours for £85

I love the app, it is fun, it is cool and easy to use. The result is – you will walk in your very own, very personalised and one of a kind pair of ZFLUX trainers.

How It Works 

It only takes few easy steps to create your own, you can even browse the ‘Inspiration’ gallery to get you started. When you are ready:

Start by choosing your shoe size. What I like about the shoe size screen is that it presents users with a list of sizes to choose from, you will never have to guess or convert size.

Next get ready to have fun!   Take a picture or use one you already have on your phone. I chose a colourful picture of tulips, since flower patterns are super In right now. You are able to adjust and rotate the picture while positioning the pattern on the shoe template. And once you save it you will also be able to view your new beauties in 360 degrees.

Flowers not your thing! Totally Get it. But how about Star Wars? To celebrate Star Wars Day, adidas has released a Star Wars Inspired library to help you create the coolest trainers in all of Star Wars Footwear history!

To get to the Star Wars gallery, repeat the steps above for creating a customised shoe but instead of photos go to Patterns and select Star Wars. Once in gallery, the choice is yours. It is NOT an easy one, I admit but keep trying and eventually you will find your own pair or two…or more

The adidas Originals x Star Wars is available on the #miZFLUX App downloadable via App Store and Google Play 

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