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Whistles x Frame Shoreditch Capsule Collection

A new fitness collaboration has just hit the streets – Whistles has teamed up with London-based fitness studio Frame, to create a capsule active wear collection for the modern, active woman. ‘Offering a seamless transition from street to studio, the collection unites Whistles’ pared-back form with unique expertise in athletic function, offered by Frame founders Pip Black and Joan Murphy.’ The capsule collection has very much as ‘street to studio’ focus with ‘clean lines, considered colourways and stretchy, dry fast fabrications’. Unlike other active wear, the line feels much more relaxed, comfortable, liberating and casual. The collection is out today and oyu can shop it right now on

May The 4th Be With You!

It is officially the unofficial Star Wars Day! And those of you who have already managed to re-watch all the films (yet again), hosted your own Star Wars Party, got your stormtrooper costume and cosplayed with your friends (with or without the help of alcohol) and you are stuck for ideas then why not show your sporty side and commemorate the day for …well not forever but for a long time with a pair if customised adidas ZFLUX trainers. There is nothing better than a unique, one of a kind pair of trainers! Not just any trainers but Star Wars themed trainers! Such beauties can be yours by using the new #miZFLUX App by adidas Originals. Choose your image, and the trainers can be yours for £85 I love the app, it is fun, it is cool and easy to use. The result is – you will walk in your very own, very personalised and one of a kind pair of ZFLUX trainers. How It Works  It only takes few easy steps to create your own, you can …

Adidas Originals x Topshop

As if adidas was not cool enough what with some pretty amazing collabs hitting stores this spring (Rita Ora, Pharrell to name a few) but now British retailer TOPSHOP has also teamed up with the cult brand on a collection of iconic ADIDAS ORIGINALS pieces. This is the second time these two giants have teamed up to produce a capsule collection that is nothing but hot trendy. ‘Taking inspiration from street style and ’80s hip-hop, the collection is what your summer wardrobe needs, stat.’ The collaboration also celebrates 2 birthdays: 45 years of the legendary adidas Originals shoe and  50 years of British retailer Topshop. To mark both birthdays you will see a countdown-inspired “00:45:50” graphic strap along the back of the shoes and graphic tape on the clothing items. Shop the collection at  or

Touch&Go Is About To Pay Off for Jawbone Up4

Wearables have yet to prove their worth to a lot of consumers, especially activity trackers. Endeavour Partners’ research reveals that more than half of U.S. consumers who have owned a modern activity tracker no longer use it. A third of U.S. consumers who have owned one stopped using the device within six months of receiving it. So, something has to be done to overcome this challenge. Enter Jawbone Up4 ‘Increasingly we have been using our trackers to help people connect with other devices and services . . . People love these integrations —particularly the ones that make their lives easier and more efficient’ Travis Bogard vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. To achieve that goal Jawbone is partnering with American Express to release UP4 which will be the first pure activity tracker capable of NFC payments. Jawbone Up4 will be very much what you get with Up3 with added heart and health monitoring as well as advanced sleep tracking. Up4 will have the cool factor of NFC payments, setting up the scene for new user experiences, …

Sweaty Betty x Richard Nicoll

Sweaty Betty has teamed up with British designer Richard Nicoll to create an exclusive 8-piece collection that fuses Japanese-inspired prints with signature Sweaty Betty technical fabrics and iconic Richard Nicoll colour palette. Soft pastels, high-tech finishes and opalescent shimmering fabrics with highly reflective features are at the heart of the capsule collection. The result is a “perfect mix of innovation and playful elegance” says Tamara Hill-Norton. Shop the collection here Photos: Sweaty Betty

Dare To Boom with Adidas Originals

Spring/Summer 15 at Adidas has never been brighter. The new Pop Art inspired Rita Ora x Adidas Originals collaboration has just hit the shops and it will wipe away any residual winter blues you might have. From super high leggings and cropped tees to the dare to wear All-in-one these pieces are guaranteed to brighten any sports wear enthusiast. Price ranges from £26 for Super Logo Leggings up to £110 for the Super all-in-one.

Zoolander 2 – It’s Official!

Today the Maison Valentino Fashion Show was like no other! The audience witnessed the biggest treat of all Paris Fashion Week – Derek Zoolander and Hansel Close doing the walk off! Derek wears a custom Night Butterflies brocade suit with hand-embroidered overcoat and black Creeper shoes. Hansel wears a Silk Continent print Pajama suit with Double Cashmere overcoat and Open sneakers. Yes, Zoolander 2 is now a fact and coming to cinemas in 2016. What a finale! Marie Antoinette once said, “Let them eat cake.” Derek and Hansel have certainly devoured … — Valentino (@MaisonValentino) March 10, 2015 Derek wears a custom Night Butterflies brocade suit with hand-embroidered overcoat and bla… — Valentino (@MaisonValentino) March 10, 2015

Burpee Like A Boss And Feel Epic #496burpees

Get your burpee ON and join the Greatist’s 31-Day Burpee Challenge  I am one of those people who looses focus if something is too easy. This is certainly true for my exercise. When I face something I am  not able to do very well it really spurs me into action. The path to mastering something, be that a skill, routine, fitness challenge, diet challenge, is what  gets most of us buzzing and motivates us to do achieve the best we can. When I did my first burpee I hated it, it was an ‘OMG I hate this moment’ but then every time I did more and more burpees I was getting better at them and hated them less. I won’t go as far as to say I like them now but I have grown to like the benefits of this pretty awesome exercise. So if you want to liven up the winter months while scoring plenty of fitness points why not set yourself a monthly challenge? You can start by joining the Greatist’s 31-Day Burpee Challenge  ‘there is definitely …

Nike x Sacai New Power Collaboration

“Our excitement to work with Chitose was really born from her unique understanding of form and silhouette,” Fashion – Sports collaboration are quickly becoming the norm. The success of such collaborations though is often hard to predict. For a collaboration to work it has to make sense for both brands, it has to be cohesive and represent values that both brands share which can then be related and embraced by their audience and followers. Stella McCartney’s line for Adidas, for example, not only proved that fashion brands can have success in sport but also can further expand and go from strength to strength. Nike has just announced their bid for a successful fashion-sport pairing and BoF has the exclusive on their power collaboration with Sacai  ‘This collaboration comes in the context of a fast-expanding market for women’s activewear — especially in North America — and a growing number of collaborations between fashion labels and sportswear giants like Nike, which has a women’s business that generates about $5 billion‘

Kanye West x Adidas Originals

“I don’t want to disrespect designers by calling myself a designer. I just think I have a vision of something that I want to do.” – Kanye West on his Adidas Originals collab Love him or hate him Kanye West has a knack for making the headlights. When I first heard of his collab with Adidas Originals I was totally conflicted but equally really curious to see what he produced and how he approached this challenge. After all Adidas Originals is one of the biggest sports brands in the world that has successfully collaborated with great names in music, sports and fashion. Here is a great interview by Editor -in-Chief  Dirk Standen see if it sheds a different light on Kanye’s controvercial image.