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Chicken with Grainy Mustard Sauce

BBC Good Food – Chicken with Grainy Mustard Sauce

I have to say I am not one for complicated meals, though I love cooking and I love trying new recipes. But they have to be quick, easy and most importantly delicious. I thought that is not possible until I found BBC Good Food books for ‘dummies’ as I call them. This series of books were recommended by a friend who also loved cooking but like me had no time to prepare long, complicated meals. She said ‘ they work like a charm’. I did not believe her but wanted to try anyway , even if only out of courtesy. The result was ‘They worked like a charm’. No kidding! So, the other day I had few chicken breasts left in my fridge that I was postponing cooking because I did not want ‘grilled chicken’ meal. In times like these I reach for the BBC Good Food books and experiment. This time lucky dip fell on the Chicken with Grainy Mustard Sauce recipe. And to my surprise (though I should have learned by now) it worked! It was …