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Adidas Originals x Topshop

As if adidas was not cool enough what with some pretty amazing collabs hitting stores this spring (Rita Ora, Pharrell to name a few) but now British retailer TOPSHOP has also teamed up with the cult brand on a collection of iconic ADIDAS ORIGINALS pieces. This is the second time these two giants have teamed up to produce a capsule collection that is nothing but hot trendy. ‘Taking inspiration from street style and ’80s hip-hop, the collection is what your summer wardrobe needs, stat.’ The collaboration also celebrates 2 birthdays: 45 years of the legendary adidas Originals shoe and  50 years of British retailer Topshop. To mark both birthdays you will see a countdown-inspired “00:45:50” graphic strap along the back of the shoes and graphic tape on the clothing items. Shop the collection at  or

ZPump Fusion – Pump to Fit by Reebok

Meet ZPump Fusion – Reebok’s latest challenge unleashed to the activewear market which actually might be able to steal them some market share even if it is just because they totally look super cool! ZPump is all about fit and performance. It takes the saying ‘If the shoe fits…’ to a whole new level. It uses ‘Pump technology’ to shape and mould the shoe around the foot to provide a ‘custom fit’. If the shoe fits, you will run like the wind in the cushiest of trainers. ZPump Fusion comes in a variety of colours and it available online at and in shops at £85 a pair

Spring Clean Your Activewear

Spring is here! The warmth of the sun gives me freedom to show off the hard work I did in the dark winter months and this means one thing and one thing only – what should I wear? When it comes to fitness and performance wear I totally swear by Stella McCartney for Adidas. I absolutely believe it is worth the price. It fits my body really well, it is extremely comfortable, it is beautiful to look at and a joy to wear. It is designed to keep dry and keep cool and that’s exactly what it does. I don’t want a distracting fitness wear, all I want to do is focus on my workout and not on trying to adjust a twisted top or sliding down leggings. Buying few new active wear items feels like a well deserved treat right? Right! Wouldn’t it be nice to try a new brand and freshen up my wardrobe with new names. It would! When it comes to choosing a new activewear brand I believe in a mixture of dress …

Changing The Name Of The Game

The classic way to exercise is: Step 1: Choose a fitness method Step 2: Choose a gym and become a member. It’s expensive you say? But surely you will be there at least 3 times a week and it will be worth it in the end! Step 3: Persevere. Results will come…of course they will Gyms have been banking on this for a long time, often forgetting what their customers want hence a lot of gym goers feel locked in their monthly subscription and often achieve very little with their workout. I have tried this, many times, with different gym chain and failed miserably. I have watched many of my friends try this and fail as well. There is a long list of reasons why such approach to fitness does not work which I will not bother even typing. Many of us live quite a busy life filled with commuting, bad days in the office that affect our mood, good days in the office that also affect our mood, even sometimes feeling bored or stuck in …