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MyRun by TECHNOGYM® – Promises The Ultimate Running Experience

Now and again a new product comes along that changes the way the old one is perceived. MyRun by TECHNOGYM®  is just one of these products. Designed to offer you the ultimate running experience, personalised training programmes and running technique feedback, you might say it is just another running machine but you have to admit it is a really good looking one. There are few features that draw attention: You can use it with (or without) your tablet and collect data about your running style to provide a more personal training programme as well as instant running technique feedback What is good for you is also good for the planet – MyRun TECHNOGYM® has a proximity sensor which means it only turns on as you approach and returns to standby mode automatically when not in use. You can run to the beat with the Running Music that chooses the songs best suited to the rhythm of your run. It is also compatible with all the Bluetooth Smart chest belts. It picks up your heart’s signals and transfers …

ZPump Fusion – Pump to Fit by Reebok

Meet ZPump Fusion – Reebok’s latest challenge unleashed to the activewear market which actually might be able to steal them some market share even if it is just because they totally look super cool! ZPump is all about fit and performance. It takes the saying ‘If the shoe fits…’ to a whole new level. It uses ‘Pump technology’ to shape and mould the shoe around the foot to provide a ‘custom fit’. If the shoe fits, you will run like the wind in the cushiest of trainers. ZPump Fusion comes in a variety of colours and it available online at and in shops at £85 a pair