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Get your stripes out for #adidastracksuitday

It is adidas tracksuit day today, 6th November. Yay! Yes, I just did say that and did a little happy jump in my adidas stripes. International tracksuit day – what a joy for all who love to spend their days dressing up or dressing cool their active wear. The german sportswear brand famous for its 3 stripes, that now have iconic status, has long been loved by sports men and women, celebrities, artists and made history in many movies. Did oyu know for example that the first ever piece of apparel the German giant produced was the¬†Franz Beckenbauer’s tracksuit. Adidas has some real celebrity following and has collaborated with many performers and artists over the years usually promoting healthy sport and lifestyle values. Here is a pick of celebrity loving the adidas look Now that you are inspired you can go pick your own look on the adidas website and show off your stripes in style!